Growing up in a large Italian family, we spent a lot of time in our nonna’s kitchen. When we decided to open Vecchia, we wanted to capture that same comfortable feeling of sitting around the table with the whole family. Yes, it gets loud and crazy at big family dinners, but there is always a feeling of love and acceptance- everyone always feels welcome. At Vecchia, we want every guest to feel like they are a part of our family. Whether you want to enjoy one of our hand-made pizzas fresh out of the brick oven or grab a growler of hand crafted beer on your way home from work, we offer something for everyone.

The first thing most people ask us about Vecchia is, “what does the name mean?” Vecchia is the Italian word for old. So, why would we call our restaurant old? We chose the name Vecchia because it represents our approach to the art of pizza making. From our hand-made brick ovens imported directly from Italy to the way we toss the dough each morning, we believe that the old ways are still the best ways. Since the 18th century, Italians have been perfecting pizza and who are we to argue with our ancestry. Authentic Italian pizza is based on simple, fresh ingredients and that’s what you’ll get at Vecchia. Naming the restaurant Vecchia is just our small way of paying tribute to the pizzaioli (Italians who make pizzas) who came before us. It’s a statement of our commitment to the history of pizza and great, simple, Italian food made with old-world, authentic recipes.


At Vecchia, we are passionate about pizza. There are two things that make a pizza great: fresh ingredients and the right oven. We use only the very best, freshest ingredients sourced directly from Italy whenever possible. We use San Marzano tomatoes for our sauce. We use fresh dough made in-house daily. And we use authentic Italian toppings. You’re not going to find pineapples or buffalo chicken on our pizzas. If they can’t grow it in Italy, we probably won’t consider using it. Once the pizza is assembled, it’s placed in one of our three brick ovens that we had hand made in Italy and shipped directly to the restaurant by Acunto Brick Ovens. Each Acunto oven is made by hand and the family secrets for assembly have been passed down for four generations. The bricks are made from soil found at Mount Vesuvius, which makes them porous and allows them to draw the moisture out of the dough for a crispier final product. Each oven is kept at precisely 900 degrees, which allows us to cook a pizza in about 90 seconds.


Nothing goes better with pizza than craft beers and fine wines. Whether you are a hop lover or a grape fanatic, Vecchia has a premium selection of craft beers and Italian wines that will please even the most discerning palette. Our Italian wines vary by season, so there is always something new to try. Our staff is great at recommending the perfect pairing for your pizza. In addition to regional Italian wines, we also have an ever-changing selection of local craft beers. Our craft beers are sold in growlers, so you can get one for your table or take one to go from the market.